Brows & Lashes

We offer both traditional & henna brow tinting options, along with lash tinting & lifting services.


Signature Brow Re-Sculpt & Tint (with traditional tint)

Need a Brow Do-Over? This amazing treatment, including a defining & intensifying tint, will give you a full brow make-over. We'll re-sculpt & re-build a new look brow & get the most optimal shape out of yours! 


Brow Tidy

(Up to 4wks hair growth)

Brow Re-Sculpt 

(For 4+ wks hair growth)

Brow Tidy & Tint

Brow Henna & Tidy

Brow Henna & Re-Sculpt

A natural formulation free of ammonia & peroxide, offering a longer lasting tattoo-like effect for a fuller, bolder brow.


Lash Tint Only

Lash Lift & Tint

Enjoy the instant Lift, Curl & Tint of a Lash Lift to achieve a dramatic & elongated look. A more natural finish than that of its big cousin, Lash Extensions, this treatment accentuates & gets the absolute best out of your own natural lashes.

NB: A short 15min consult & sensitivity test is required minimum of 48hrs prior to treatment.