Bespoke beauty services Hampton

From a warm herbal tea & an inviting smiling welcome from our reception team to our cozy & tranquil treatments rooms, we can assure you of the best care throughout your entire stay.


SKIN CONSULT + SIGNATURE (New Client) | $225 - We're here to help you achieve your best skin yet! Let's dive deep, understand what your current concerns are & chat about your past, present & future skin. We'll guide you on taking care of your skin at home & how you can reach your skin goals. There is always more than one way to get there, so let's make a plan that works for you. We'll couple this with our most popular facial, customising the treatment to what your requires on the day. $60 redeemable towards product on the day.

SIGNATURE ONLY (Returning Client) | $165 - Our most popular treatment! Lets hone in on your skins current needs & tailor the treatment for you on the day. Our Signature facial incorporates a thorough cleanse, customised exfoliation &/or peel, sheet mask &/or cream mask, massage, plus post care & UV protection to go. Choose from our Add-On options to intensify your time with us.

CONSULT ONLY | $60 - As above with consult fee redeemable on product on the day.​

SKIN CONSULT + TEEN | $160 - As above in 'Skin Consult + Signature', we'll guide you through any changes in your skin & help you manage these at home. Coupled with a treatment concentrqating$60 redeemable on product on the day.

TEEN $100 - Focusing on deep cleansing and decongestion, incorporating extractions, steam & an oxygen treatment.

EPIDERMAL LEVELLING | $165 - A deeply exfoliating treatment that can also be utilised as an alternative to waxing. Simultaneously removes vellus hair, resulting in baby smooth skin, increased product absorption & a flawless make-up canvas. Perfect pre-event treatment!

ADD-ON's -  Adding on 1 or more of the below services to your treatment experience is a great way to intensify your time in-clinic.

  • LED $49

  • Sculpted Mask | Oxygen Treatment | Sheet Mask | Galvanic $30


DermaFrac $260 - An unique micro needling system with simultaneous infusion of active serums to target age management concerns, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, tone & congestion. Each treatment also incorporates microdermabrasion, LED & a Peptide Sheet Mask. DermaFrac can also treat concerns of the Eye Contour & Neck + Decolletage region.



Clinical strength formulations combining AHA's, BHA's, retinols, vitamins & plant ingredients are incorporated as part of the advanced corrective phase of your treatment journey. An array of cosmeceutical grade peel options are carefully curated & administered to target all skin conditions & concerns such as age management, pigment, sensitised & problematic skins. We always recommend starting your journey to enviable skin with a Skin Consult & Signature Treatment.

Blueberry Smoothie 




Essential Peptide




Power Peel 



Supercharge Your Skin

LED Phototherapy works on absorption of light by the skin. Precise wavelengths

of light penetrate into the skin at various depths to treat specific conditions: 
Acne | Rosacea | Eczema | Dermatitis | Psoriasis | Pigmentation | Dry Skin | Skin Rejuvenation | Wound Healing | Musculoskeletal Pain Management

Similar to when a battery is fully charged & operates to its fullest capacity, LED light energises our cells to catalyse specific functions which can rejuvenate, heal & diminish blemish causing bacteria.

We have 3 clinically proven wavelengths on offer;

415nm Blue Light will fight those pesky blemish causing bacteria; here's to clearer, balanced, pimple-free skin. Great for Teen & Adult Acne conditions.

633nm Red Light energises the cell mitochondrial function in our Dermis; that's your collagen & elastin synthesising layer, for plump, fresh & more dewy skin up top.

And as for our 830nm Near Infrared Light, well this is where we calm inflammation & irritation, soothe, rejuvenate & regerate our sub cutaneous tissues for faster healing...and who doesn't need this?

Plus the Dermalux Flex LED is the ONLY device in the wortld than can deliver all 3 wavelengths simultaneously. That's a 3-for-1 deal right there. Absolutel NO downtime just recharged glowing skin!

LED Facial $79

LED Power PLan $632

(ie. Buy 8x LED Facials, get 4 FREE)

LED Add On to ANY Treatment $49




Signature Brow Re-Sculpt $65

Need a Brow Do-Over? This amazing treatment, including a defining & intensifying tint, will give you a full brow make-over. We'll re-sculpt & re-build a new look brow & get the most optimal shape out of yours! 

Brow Tidy (Up to 4wks hair growth) $23

Re-Sculpt (4+ wks hair growth) $46

Brow Tidy & Tint $42

Lash Tint $33

Lash Lift & Tint $112



Natural formulation free of ammonia & peroxide, offering a longer lasting tattoo-like effect for a fuller, bolder brow.

Brow Henna & Tidy $65

Brow Henna & Re-Sculpt $85



Lip or Chin or Sides of Face $15

Brow Tidy $23

Brow Re-Sculpt $46

Full Face $65

Underarm $21

Half Arm $35

Full Arm $42

Half Leg (lower) $36

Thigh $40

Full Leg $65

Full Leg & Basic Bikini $90

Stomach $30

Back $45

Basic Bikini $36

G-String Bikini $46



A mind blowing treatment! This firm
therapeutic technique will relieve muscle tension, increase blood flow & aid lymphatic drainage. The ultimate relaxation experience!

30min $78

45min $93

60min $108

90min $148



Ombre Brow Make-Over $799

Feather Touch Brow Make-Over $799

Lip Blush $699



Price on application

Complimentary Discovery Session - For many, where to start in the world of cosmetic treatments is a daunting one. We believe education is key to making the right decisions about your treatment journey. It is for this reason we offer a complimentary discovery session, where we walk you through different options for treatment specifically related to your concerns. This is your opportunity to ask questions and gather knowledge so that you are well informed and in control of your treatment options.